Who Can Grow Medical Marijuana In Michigan

Who Can Grow Medical Marijuana In Michigan?

The Michigan medical marijuana law basically allows anybody over 21 to grow medicine for themselves. If they want to become a patients caregiver they can't have a drug felony on their record.

* Anybody who legally possesses a patient or caregiver medical marijuana card issued by the Michigan Department Of Community Health AND has a Yes next to the "Authorized to Possess Plants:" area on the bottom middle area of the medical marijuana card can legally grow medical marijuana In Michigan.

* Anybody 21 years and older who doesn't have a drug felony can be legal a caregiver in the state of Michigan.

There is a little more to the law than this though.

The state health department has been taking far more than the 15 working days to issue qualifying patients their medical marijuana cards. Last I knew they were saying they wouldn't answer your call unless they cashed your check or money order over 6 weeks ago.

The law also states that if a patient doesn't get their cards back from the state 15 days after the state cashes an applicants check the applicant can legally create their own paperwork. This issue is very delicate and the state seems to have neglected to acknowledge this part of the law. They seem to believe a patient isn't legal to use, grow or possess marijuana until they have received their card from the state.

I can personally testify that the Michigan State Health Department took nearly 4 months for one of my patients to get his card after they cashed his check. This is FAR too long and totally unacceptable.
The caregiver can't really begin to grow cannabis for the patient until he gets his caregiver card issued by the Michigan State Health Department. It takes about 3 months for a caregiver to harvest his first crop of medicine for a patient. That comes out to 7 months for this particular patient to get his medicine.

Each patient can have 12 plants and up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana. They can either grow it themselves or have a caregiver grow their marijuana for them.

The caregiver can possess 12 plants per patient and 2.5 ounces of marijuana per patient.

Growing medical marijuana in Michigan and keeping to the rules of the law is something that every grower needs to understand how to do.

Make sure you have read the law and understand the law in it's entirety. Lots of growers are getting harassed by police because they don't understand their rights.

We have come a long way in the past few years. Michiganders have been trying to get a petition to pass through for many years and we finally have our right to grow our own medicine.