How To Grow Medical Marijuana In Michigan

How To Grow Medical Marijuana In Michigan

To keep a constant supply of medical marijuana under Michigan's Medical Marijuana Act it's not going to be easy.

The best way I have figured it out is to use staggered grows. If you keep one mother plant that gives you 11 more plants to work with. To stagger the grows you will need at least 1 High Pressure Sodium light and 1 Metal Halide light and at least 1 separate room to veg and "clone" in.

You will need at least enough space in the flower room for 1 High Pressure Sodium (HPS) light. You will also need room to move around so you can tend to and take care of your medical marijuana plants.

Each light will require a certain amount of floor space depending on the wattage and reflector shape & size. 1000 watt HPS lamps are very common and shouldn't be ruled out even if growing only 3 plants at a time. If you are growing only for yourself you could use a single 1000 watt lamp to flower all your plants even in a staggered grow. You would likely have enough space as long as you don't veg your plants too long making them too large.

What is a staggered grow?

To keep your plant numbers down and your production on a constant legal flow it may be best to stagger your harvests. Even though you could grow up to 6 plants in veg and 6 in flower at the same time it wouldn't be productive to start flowering all 6 plants at the same time.

Because users are only allowed to possess 2.5 ounces of useable medical marijuana we need a quick turn around or it will be very easy to run out. By harvesting every 30 days you will be less likely to run out. If you do run out you won't have to endure a long of a stretch of time without your medicine. 2.5 ounces stretched out out over a 30 day time frame doesn't really allow for a very large daily allotment. Medical users who only grow for themselves may want to seek out the most potent 45-50 day strain or clone that can produce about 1 ounce per plant. most of the plant will be medical grade but some won't. The law doesn't clearly explain how caregivers and medical users can dispose of their extra medicine. It would be great if there was a place to donate our extra medicine. There is no way for growers to manicure exactly 2.5 ounces of medical marijuana. It's impossible to estimate exactly 2.5 ounces and users aren't likely going to manicure less or throw away their excess quality medicine. Growers might easily be persuaded into donating their surplus medicine to other sick people in need.

Harvesting 2.5 ounces every 30 days will only give you 2.3333 grams of daily medicinal marijuana. That's not very much and it won't be enough for many patients.
Can more than 1 person per household grow medical marijuana in Michigan?

As far as I can see there isn't a stipulation about how many caregivers can operate in a single home, dwelling, address, etc. It wouldn't be productive to have more than 2 caregivers operating from the same premises though. The big reason is a thing called mandatory minimums. Federal law does not currently recognize medical marijuana and any grow over 99 plants calls for mandatory minimum sentences by the Federal Government. So under no circumstances should you ever have more than 99 plants on a single premises.

If 2 caregivers operated from the same home it may be possible for them to stagger 4 grows and harvest a 60 day strain every 15 days. This could increase the production of useable daily medical marijuana up to over 4 grams per day. This would be somewhat of a perpetual grow operation. 2 caregivers would have to start and harvest 12 plants every 15 days to make this kind of production. It would also take experienced growers who have a good clone that can produce at least 1.25 ounces per plant in a short time frame.