How To Get Medical Marijuana In Michigan

How To Get Medical Marijuana In Michigan

Now that medical marijuana is finally legal in Michigan, how do you get it?

The first thing you need to do to get legal is get a medical marijuana card. Once you get a medical marijuana card from the Michigan state health department you are legal to either grow your own marijuana or have a caregiver grow it for you.

You may also grow your own marijuana and have a caregiver appointed anyway. This option is great for beginner growers or growers that are limited in space. This kind of caregiver is more of a provider or hook up person.

To get your Michigan medical marijuana card you will need to find a doctor willing to sign a recommendation.

You will likely need to bring documentation to prove you have a qualifying condition.

To get the documentation from your current physician to prove your qualifying condition you will probably need to sign a release form for your primary care physician. You can either ask your doctors receptionist for your records or fax them a signed release form.

It's probably best to keep the reason you need your clinical records private.
Patients are claiming to have been asked to leave the office and some claim they have been asked to never return when mentioning medical marijuana to their primary care physician.

Some even claim they were denied necessary prescriptions. If they ask why you need your records just tell them you need them for personal reasons. They don't need to know and they have to give them to you. They can charge you for them but usually the office people just do it for free if you are nice.

You should bring 2 or 3 records with you so you probably won't have to ask the receptionist to print off your entire history. Just ask for the last year or how ever far back you need to come up with 3 doctor appointment records that prove you have a valid qualifying condition. MRI's and other imaging paperwork will also help the doctor make a good decision.

Once you get your doctors signature you need to figure out if you are going to grow your own marijuana or have a caregiver do it for you. You will have to finish filling the application out accordingly.

If you choose to have a caregiver they will have to sign the application. A caregiver has to be at least 21 years old and can't have a drug felony on their record.